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Calling TIME on Cancer


I’ve been thinking, for a few days now about putting together a sort of tribute to Iain (M) Banks who was unfortunately taken from us far too soon. I had the pleasure of meeting Iain on, technically, my second date with my brilliant girlfriend, Emma Silver. He was an absolute star and all round really nice guy.

So the idea me and Emma have come up with is to put together a short story collection that we can put on Amazon to raise money for a cancer research charity.

The theme I would like the stories to be based on is TIME.

Take that however you want it, whether it be time travel for just the passing of time; hurling like the doctor through time and space or just stuck in a room for a week. It can be anything.

The best and most exciting part is I want as much help as a can get.

Also I would like each author to dedicate their story to somebody that has influenced them or, like Mr Banks, is sorely missed.

I have and editor (thanks Emma ), now I need stories. So if you want to be involved in this project, drop me an email at and I can sign you up.

I’m going to limit the places to thirty to start with, just so we can keep on top of everything but there’s no reason why it couldn’t grow. I also want a witty title for the collection. Calling time on Cancer is the best I got so help me out. Also want to pick the right charity. Macmillan have been one I have raised money for in the past.

Also tweet me your interest @EuropaOutlaw

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I’ll look forward hearing from you and receiving your submissions.



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